Sunday 24 March 2019

How I Do My Quran Tagging

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone.

I’ve received many questions about my quran translation and the tagging I made.
So I tried to answer what I know and how I did mine in this post.

🥀The Quran:
I’m using Quran Translation in English from Darul Iman. This one is I bought from Malaysian publisher in PBAKL. The size is A5 if I’m not mistaken. And I will do it in Malay translation too insyaa Allah, once I finish this english translation.

🥀Inspired By;
First, I was inspired by sister Zaufishan who made her quran journey in her blog. I found her blog when I first thinking and googling on how do I read the translation and what should I find in this and many more. Then I was also inspired by sis Ayesha Shahira.
And now I found many who do Quran tagging and journaling that I really love like sister Faakihah, sister Mariam Poppins, and so many more.
You can find more sisters who have been in this Quran journey easily in this hashtag #quranjournaling 💖

🥀The Kits:
The flag tags you can easily find it at Popular bookstore or any bookstore or stationery shop. I bought some from Daiso and Mr DIY too.
And I bought all my highlighters from Popular bookstore. I love Stabilo and Zebra Midliners highlighters. Been collecting them. Teehee~

🥀How To Do It:
I read ayah by ayah, and if I don’t understand some of them I will seek the translation or asked people with knowledge about it. And I also have another english translation of Quran that made it more easy to understand because of the words they used. And will find or ask others about some ayah.
Honestly, it's a long process and it's a long journey. You need to make time for this.♥️

🥀What Did I Highlight:
Ayat that give me meaning, the purpose I am living, the answers I found for question I have or the argument most people argue in the internet, the du’a, our vows, Allah promises, about Allah and everything I found interesting.

🥀The Colours:
Pink: our vows/submission, purpose.
Purple: fardhu (prayer, zakat)
Dark Blue: rewards
Orange: du’a
Green: Allah knows
Yellow: do good, be good, believe
Red: Allah says about Himself
Grey: everything about Allah powers
Light Blue: things I found interesting

🥀The Time:
I don't have any specific time. But usually I did it in the morning or after zuhur. And sometimes before maghrib too. Or honestly, I just do when I feel like it. hehe.

Usually I do it on my study desk. But I do sometimes do it in a coffee shop.
I know this post is lacking in many ways but I do hope this post can help you guys to have an idea on how to do it, and you can improve this on your own way too.
I do admit I have so many things I need to improve, and insya Allah will improve more in the future!


sara zuliana said...

rajin awak. sy singgah jap kt blog awak

Pembunuh Tanpa Bayang said...

Menarik... Good idea. Aku pun fikir aku perlu buat begitu supaya mudah untuk aku menyemak atau membuat rujukkan.

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