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Butterfly Coachella Unity Celebration 2019 | Butterfly Project Malaysia

On 28 September 2019, Butterfly Project Malaysia held a Butterfly Coachella Party at Hearty Party Malaysia in Setia Alam, this is the biggest event that they ever held so far (I believe there will be more to come in future). This is a party to celebrate unity and tighten the community bond among us!

For those who don't know what is Butterfly Project, they are actually a non-profit community for beauty and lifestyle bloggers in Malaysia (but now they also expand the community to instagrammers, youtubers, reviewers). 

Okay back to the story, I'm so thankful that Mamasan Tammy accepted me to the community (been joining since December 2018) and invited me to this big event full of love, acceptance, and unite us in this community event!

At the registration counter, there were some limited set of bracelets for everyone to buy, they are special on their own. I wish I can buy a set for me, but I've to watch my money spending (hahaha, life is tough).

So when I registered at the counter, they gave me this cute and pretty tag with sunset colours before I started my fun activities here.

At the back of it has all the brands that participated in Butterfly Coachella. Don't worry I'll mention them, keep on reading. :p

I also met this cutie big bear everywhere here (lowkey want to bring this one home because it is sooooo cute).

'Hey, Mr Teddy, wanna be mine?'

On the ground floor (the same floor we registered our names), there's a photo booth Tag Booth for us to take pictures and bring them home!

They also kind enough to sent me the soft copy of the photo I took! By the way, I can edit the photo too, but I only choose a sticker to add on to my solo picture.

On the second floor, THIS WAS WHERE ALL THE FUN REALLY BEGAN! hahaha
Because it's where the Pop-Up Carnival Booths were!

When I entered the second floor, first thing I saw is Althea especially with all the teddy bears around (they just caught my eyes okay :p)

Althea has just launched their new Brow Wow Eye Brow Pencil in three shades, I was so excited about this so I gave more attention to this side. 

The shades are: 01 Grey Brown, 02 Dark Brown, 03 Soft Brown.

And here was me, with my Althea Box. :p

Then there's a  Curmudgeon's Brew booth, where I got my cold brew coffee and chocolate drink. I chose Vanilla flavour coffee. There were a few flavor like Peanut and Mocha flavors.

I love the Vanilla coffee! The flavor is just nice, not too bitter, not too sweet, just nice.

Then there was this pretty booth full of flowers, Avantgarde Blooms Flowers, the flowers are all pretty, and I got one for myself.

In a garden full of flowers (including me) ;p

One of the Pop-Up Carnival Booth is the healthy snacks booth; Signature Market.
I love the Healthy Mixed Nuts, I got three of them. I shared one with my family, and the other two I ate them all by myself. 

Voir Gallery booth is in the room, and I super love the way they displayed their bags! I felt like I was in the fashion show room. They really impressed me by their setup and everything.

I honestly think I'm a model or something hahaha. It was fun tbh.

Before Anyone Else
(love this!)

(this is just a pose, don't worry I won't sing ;p)

So these were all in the second floor, I got to made new friends here, stumble to some people that I only knew from Instagram, chit-chatting with each other. I got to experience many experience, and on how to not be shy and said hi to some new friends.

All of Us actually spent around two hours in this second floor alone. It was like we were having fun and get to know new brands and products here.

Around 6pm, finally it's dinner time!
I was so thirsty at this point. 

So when I got to the rooftop where the foods and drinks were, also where we will watched a perfomance from Sidh Haizad Yusoff.

I was just so thankful the first thing I saw was, Lérz' Tea & Coffee Fruit Tea. I was like "OMG, that Looks so yummy!"

There were two fruit teas flavors, and I got the chance to tried both!
My favourite is The Citrus Iced Tea.

When it comes about food, Mamasan always know what to choose. I love all food, they were in small portions but variety in choices, healthy, and delicious too!

The food is from JomParty caterer. 

And my favourtie part of the food, is of course the desserts!
They are all sooooooo good!

I love how the place looks like I'm having picnic:
I felt so relax and at peace.

So before Sidh Haizad Yusoff started singing, I thought maybe it"s the for me to crush and sing my frog voice to everyone:

*kidding, I promise I won't sing ;p
I just want to be angel :p*

So around 7.30pm, it was raining a bit, not heavy, just drizzle of rains.

I can't move on from his beautiful voice. Sidh Haizad Yusoff really sang beautifully. No wonder Mamasan Tammy wanted him to sing on this party. I remember the moment so vividly.
It's nice and beautiful.

At 8.15pm, I joined the painting party. And I had fun with it. At first, I thought I didn't want to join. But I think, this is gonna be a memorable memories for me. 

And oh boy, I did had fun. I loved the experience!
The painting party or we can also called it as Artsy Party organized by Hearty Party

*Look at how focus I was :p*


My orange art.
A great experience for me. I was a bit nervous, because it had been so long I did not hold any painting brushes. And I felt great when I did this again.

What Did I Get From This Butterfly Coachella?


You know that I am actually not used to this kind of party, the parties that I've joined before, always had faces that I know (like my family and friends).

This party was a big party in my opinion. And here what we got is love, acceptance, and yes unity.
Here, we don't care about your races, religions, or anything else. I gained many new friends here. And I'm happy.

I love this for myself. To learn and to grow and to make new friends.

Thank you so much Mamasan for giving me this opportunity to join this Butterfly Coachella Unity Celebration. This means a lot to me. I had fun and I had a blast here.
Thank you so much. Thank you.


of course I got goodies here hahahaha.

If you want to see one by one goodies that I got, I pinned my unboxing in Zehan Ilyana, so you can watched my spontaneous reactions as well.

Guys, this post will we be the starting point where Zehan starts blogging again. 
I have mixed feelings. But it feels great to start to write about moments I don't want to forget.

Thank you for reading.

And thank you for all these Party Collaborators, without you guys the fun would not be this great.

Party Collaborators:
Party Venue | Hearty Party Sdn Bhd
Party Photobooth | Tagbooth Photobooth
Party Caterer | JomParty
Painting Party | Hearty Party Sdn Bhd
Party Live Music | Sidh Haizad Yusoff

Pop-Up Carnival Booths:
K-Beauty | Althea Korea
Fashion | Voir Gallery
Heatlhy Snacks | Signature Market Healthy Snacks
Flowers | Avantgarde Blooms Flowers
Cold Brew Coffee | Curmudgeon's Brew Cold Brew Coffee
Fruit Tea | Lérz' Tea & Coffee Fruit Tea

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