Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Yoodo x She Was Pretty Versi Malaysia


Last week on Wednesday, I dapat invitation daripada Yoodo untuk watch this drama yang diadaptasikan daripada cerita Korea. And I'm so excited sebab I have watched the Korean Version, and bila dapat tau drama ni diadaptasikan ke bahasa Malaysia, I terus macam yes yes yes! I'm so excited!!

Tayangan perdana episod 1 ditayangkan dekat Dado Cinema, Pavilion. Seterusnya boleh tengok dekat Viu. 

And do you guys know what is Yoodo?

Yoodo ni 100% digital mobile service yang pertama di Malaysia powered by Celcom for us to customize our data according to our needs. Which means korang just bayar untuk servis yang korang pakai je, like this is so interesting right?? Korang boleh customize and tak memerlukan apa-apa kontrak sebab ada servis yang kita diikat dengan kontrak kan? So, I do highly suggest korang check Yoodo for this awesome service!

Sebelum tengok the first episode, I didn't have any expectation.

But wow, when I watched it, I remember laughing a lot, and ada a lil bit of sad moments, and I was so amazed with Diana Danielle interpretation for the heroine. I mean, this is just the first episode, but I really love how she portrayed the character.

And I remember praising her and said that I like her version better, and she humbly said "maybe sebab ini flavour kita." she is so humble and has nice personality.

And there was a cute mascot in the cinema, from the beginning until the end!

Tbh, this was my first premiere and I really enjoy it very well. I love the experiences. Met some nice people, met Diana Danielle, and the feelings were just great.

Thank you so much Yoodo for the invitation, I really enjoy the experiences very well!

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